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Compressed Air Equipment


Rotary Screw Air Compressors 



    Need a rotary screw compressor ?? We've got you covered !!  Fixed speed, variable speed drive, air dryer integrated, high pressure, low pressure, base mount or tank mounted. All Compressors come with a low sound enclosure and accessories and options to fit your compressed air systems needs. Just give us a call and we'll get to work puting a package together that will be both energy efficient and keep your production rolling !

 "What about saving money on the purchase of my new compressor ??"   If you qualify, we can do an air energy audit on your current system and then we will work with your power company to help you get a rebate on the purchase of a new compressed air system. This can add up to big savings on your purchase. We have been able to get customers anywhere from a 30% rebate, to a whopping 70% rebate on their new air system !!

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Model: SE-5 To SE-15 

  •  15 - 15 HP
  • 19.4-42.7CFM 
  • 100 - 175 PSI
2.3 MB
      Model:SE-20 To SE-50
  • 20 - 50 HP
  • 91 - 222 CFM
  • 100 - 175 PSI
981.4 KB

Model:RS-15 To RS-300

  • 15 - 300 HP
  • 69 -1450 CFM
  • 100 - 175 PSI
3.1 MB

Model ZW20 To ZW50 
Oil Free

  • 20 - 50 HP
  • 80 - 222 CFM
  • 100 & 120PSI

Model: GSV20 To GSV10

  • 20 - 100HP
  • 29 - 474 CFM
  • 100 - 150 psi
2.4 MB


Reciprocating Air Compressors 

Oil Lubricated Series


Need an oil lubricated reciprocating compressor ??  Diversified Compressor Technologies, LLC  has a reciprocating line of industrial duty air compressors to suit most everyone's needs. Two stage or single stage, each compressor has a duty cycle that is tough enough for just about any situation and comes with options such as electronic drain valves, duplex assemblies, and magnetic starters. Give us a call so we can get you moving on an air compressor for your facility. We're always happy to take the time to answer any questions you may have.

                                        Download An Informational Brochure Here:  

 Model:CT5 To CT10

  •  5 thru 10 HP
  • 15.9 - 29.7 CFM
  • 175 Max PSI
1.5 MB

 Model: CT13-H & CT14-K
Gas Engine Driven

  • 13 & 14 HP
  • 24.8 & 25.4 CFM
  • 175 PSI Max PSI

1.5 MB

 Model: CA5 To CA15

  • 5 thru 15 HP
  • 17.4 - 68.4 CFM
  • 175 Max PSI
4.5 MB

 Model: CA13-H & CA14-K
Gas Engine Driven

  • 13 & 14 HP
  • 22 & 22.5 CFM
  • 175 Max PSI

 Model: ML5 To ML30

  • 5 thru 30 HP
  • 19.1 - 204.4 CFM
  • 175 Max PSI
5.0 MB

                                                Oil-less Series Air Compressors 


 Standard Features :

Totally dry crankcase, no oil disposal

• ASME air receiver

• UL approved pressure switch

• OSHA approved totally enclosed belt  guard

• ASME approved safety relief valve

• ASME approved discharge air service valve

• Slow V-belt drive

• Manual tank condensate drain valve


NEMA-1 Alternator control panel (Duplex Only)

• Standard two power source

• Magnetic starter included (60Hz)

• Premium Efficiency Motors (3-phase only)

• Built-in air-cooled aftercoolers

• High capacity stainless steel valves

• Intake filter with silencer assembly

• Dial read-out pressure gauge indicator



                                                          Climate Control Compressors


All Climate Control Compressor units with mounted dryers are shipped in wooden crates with heavy-duty skids.

  • Duplex dryer mounted units are built for strength, accessibility and ease of handling. Duplex control panels available with 150 VA, 120V transformer. 
  • All performance data is ASME tunnel tested in accordance with industry standard practice.
  • Oil carryover guaranteed within 6 PPM.
  • Electrical motor guaranteed within +/- 5% of full load stamped nameplate amperage draw.

Standard Equipment includes: Large intake filter silencer, ASME National Board Stamped receiver, ASME safety relief valve, pressure gauge, receiver condensate drain valve, discharge line check valve, discharge line check valve, receiver shut-off valve, v-belt drive, NEMA motors and pressure switches, OSHA totally enclosed steel belt guard, crankcase lubrication level indicator, and pressure switch operated automatic start and stop control (Set 80 PSI).

Optional Accessories for the Simplex includes: Magnetic motor starters with overload protection and on/off switch, discharge air coalescer filters, low oil level shutdown, automatic condensate traps, air-cooled aftercoolers, refrigerated dryers, isolator pads, spring isolators, and PRV station.

Optional Accessories for the Duplex includes: Magnetic motor starters with overload protection and on/off switch, discharge air coalescer filters, low oil level shutdown, automatic condensate traps, air-cooled aftercoolers, refrigerated dryers, isolator pads, spring isolators, PRV station, and alternator panels-provides equal utilization of compressors to minimize maintenance downtime.



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Compressed Air Dryers & Filters 


Need an air quality solution ??

Diversified Compressor Technologies, LLC prides itself on the ability to offer one of the

broadest lines of air drying and filtration equipment in the industry! Whether it's breathing air applications, painting

applications, specialized coatings applications, or you just want to keep the water and oil out of your air lines, we've

got something for just about everyone. Give us a call and we'll put together an air quality package to help keep

your compressed air clean and dry. We're always happy to answer any questions you have !! 

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RN Series Non-Cycling
Refrigerated Air Dryers

 10 thru 3000 SCFM

2.1 MB

RDS Series
Energy Saving 
Refrigerated Air Dryers

90 thru 12500 SCFM 

2.9 MB

D Series Desiccant Air Dryers  

7 thru 5400 SCFM

2.1 MB

CF Series Air Filtration 

20 thru 21,250 SCFM

1.4 MB



Hey, wait a minute !! Don't forget about your air piping !! 

Legris Transair Aluminum Compressed Air Piping


DCT is your "go to" company when it comes to, not only quality installations, but Quality

materials for your compressed air system.  With Legris transair you get the best of the best when it comes to piping

for your air system. Easy to assemble, lightweight, durable, and virtually leak free !  The smooth aluminum bore

cuts down on costly friction loss of the air moving through the pipe that can affect  the overall efficiency of your air

system. In addition, it won't corrode like copper or steel pipe and  can easily be disassembled and transported to a

new facility if you move. This compliments your air drying equipment by providing a perfectly clean environment to

transport that air to it's final destination at the point of use.  Call us today and we'll be happy to answer any

questions you may have about Legris Transair !

Download An Informational Brochure Here:

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