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Preventive Maintenance


    How you take care of your investment is one of the important choices you must make having an air compressor.  Most air compressors and accessory equipment break down due to lack of care and maintenance.  Let Diversified Compressor Technologies be a part of your maintenance plan by allowing us to do what we do best, keep you up and running. As an added benefit, our P.M. Customers always get priority service in the unfortunate event you have a problem with your compressed air system.

    We have maintenance plans to suit everyone's needs, whether you want to take care of your compressed air system yourself or let us bare that burden.  We keep track of your services, when they're do, and what needs to be done.  We keep you informed on needed repairs and any manufacturer recommended upgrades.  You are never left out of the loop.

P.M. Customer Incentives 

  • Priority Emergency Repair Service
  • Convenient Flat Rate Pricing For 5HP To 40HP Units. Makes Budgeting Your Compressor's P.M.'s EASY.  
  • 10% Off All Breakdowns & Repairs
  • No overtime charge for scheduled PM's (we work around your schedule)
  • Your Included In A Monthly Drawing For Free Parts, Travel Or Labor On Your Compressor's Scheduled P.M. Service
  • Access To Our Convenient Customer Online Service, Where You Can Schedule Service Or Repairs That Automatically Generate A Service Call Work Order In Our System And Gives You Access To Previous Work Orders And Current Work Order Status.


Standard PM Service

We schedule your compressors service around your schedule, and do not charge overtime for services or repairs scheduled after hours. 

The scope of this service includes:

Rotary Screw & Reciprocating Compressors (Flat Rate Pricing Available For 5HP To 40 HP Compressors)

  • Change Oil Filter
  • Perform 31 Point Inspection
  • Performance Pump Up Test
  • Grease Motor Bearings
  • Check Drive Belt(s)
  • Test Run Unit
  • Take Oil Sample For Analysis
  • Change Separator Element
  • Change Oil
  • Record Voltage & Amperage Readings
  • Blow Out Cooler
  • Review Findings With Customer Contact

Large Reciprocating Compressors

  • Change Oil Filter
  • Perform 31 Point Inspection
  • Performance Pump Up Test
  • Grease Motor Bearings
  • Inspect Rider & Wear Band Clearance
  • Inspect Valves For Pending Failure
  • Check & Adjust Drive Belt(s)
  • Inspect Scraper & Packing Rings
  • Test Run Unit
  • Inspect Piston Rods For Signs Of Wear
  • Take Oil Sample For Analysis
  • Document All Inlet & Discharge Temps (All Stages)
  • Change Oil
  • Record Voltage & Amperage Readings
  • Review Findings With Customer Contact

(For The " Do It Your-selfers")

    Diversified Compressor Technologies realizes that some customers may want to do their own services and therefore may not need us in this area. Our relationship doesn't have to end there.

    In an effort to remain flexible to our customer's changing needs, we had to come up with the TAKE PART PROGRAM.

This program assists our customers with not only having the proper parts to perform their services, but also gives them an agenda to follow while performing this vital task.

    We will outline a program that suits your air system's needs and protects your investment & your business for years to come.

        "How Does The TAKE PART PROGRAM Work ??"

                                     It's As Easy As 1-2-3 !!!

1.    Let Us Know You're Interested

Give us a call or let your DCT repesentative know & we'll take care of the rest.

2.    Select A Maintenance Schedule

            We'll evaluate your system's run time and conditions, and select a schedule and parts needed for       maintenance based on our findings.         

3.   Service Your Air Compressor

            We'll call you on or before your scheduled maintenance month to let you know your air compressor is due for service and get your permission to send you the parts.  Upon receiving your parts, you will also receive a service checklist outlining the vital task to be performed. This way you can keep a record of services and trend your findings for future use.  We will bill you for the parts. If you ever have any questions we are always available to answer them, just give us a call.

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