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Compressor Pump Inspection & Rebuild

Many factors can determine the longevity of your compressor pumps Lifespan.

These factors include (but not limited to):

  • Ambient Air Quality. Dirty air or air contaminated with chemicals can physically impact your pumps oil and cause it to lose its vital lubrication ability. This causes improper lubrication to bearings and other moving parts, in turn causing premature wear on these components. All this can lead to an untimely breakdown.

  • Preventive Maintenance. One of the most important activities when owning a compressor is proper maintenance. This consists of changing the oil at regular intervals, changing out the air filter, and regular valve and internal component inspection. Many people don't realize that just draining the condensation from the air tank (receiver) can give you an idea to how the internal components are holding up. If you see a sludgy, oily mess coming from the tank drain, this is a good indication that your pump is passing oil by the piston rings. Not only does this spell trouble for your piston rings, but it also if left un-repaired, can be trouble for your pump's discharge valves. As the oil passes through the discharge valves the temperature can reach 300°F. This high temperature "bakes" the oil onto the valves which causes them to fail due to large amounts of oil layered on the valve assembly. The valves aren't allowed to cool and seal properly and therefore overheat and fail.

  • Proper Mounting. Making sure that the compressor assembly is mounted on a flat, level surface is extremely important. Leaving a compressor on its shipping pallet, leaving it to sit on dirt, or anchoring it to concrete without vibration pads is a commonly overlooked aspect to your compressor pumps overall health. Leaving it to operate in a permanent application on dirt, shipping pallet or some other uneven surface can cause your pump to run out of balance. As your pump operates, although it is balanced internally by a counter balance on the crankshaft, it constantly is fighting forces and shifting weight internally and externally when driven by a belt. If it remains to operate in an unbalanced and unsecured state it will slowly begin to "beat" itself up much like your cars engine would do if it didn't have motor mounts securing it to the frame of your vehicle. If the compressor assembly is anchored directly to the concrete without vibration dampener pads, this to can cause unexpected problems. Although your pump may not suffer, the compressor piping and other components may. When the legs of the tank get anchored to the concrete and tightened down, due to the imperfect nature of the welds holding the legs to the tank, this can end up putting stress on the tank and saddle (flat surface that the motor & pump are mounted to) therefore putting a slight twist on the tank which can overtime end up breaking inner cooler and pump discharge piping or cracking the tank. Mounting your compressor on an even slab of cement, sitting on vibration dampener pads with the correct size anchor bolts, is the only proper way to mount your air compressor.

    Let Diversified Compressor Technologies Rebuild Your Compressor Pump.


If it's been a long time since your last rebuild or your pump has never been rebuilt, give us a call. We'll let you know if your pump may be due or if you might be able to go a little longer.

Considering we perform rebuilds on everything from 1 HP to 1,000 HP compressors, we can do a feasibility estimate and let you know if it would be more cost effective to buy a new pump than to have yours rebuilt. Either way we've got you covered.

Many times we perform the rebuilds without removing the pump from your facility. If you need to have us come, remove it and bring it back to our facility we can. If you're to far out of our territory, we'll arrange for it to be picked up and shipped to us. It's that easy !


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